Baghdad International Fairs

Regulations of Participation in The (43rd) Session of BAGHDAD INTERNATIONAL FAIR

  1. Participants subject to these regulations are those who are agent, representative, work in cooperation with foreign parties or their activities associated with them, whether those participants are local or foreign.
  2. Opening hours :
  • am – 7 pm.

3.Participation fees:

$ 110 per sq.m indoor area.

$ 160 per sq.m indoor area + stand

$ 70 per sq.m outdoor area .

5% shall be added as incentives for our employees besides 0,002%  as stamp fees as well as  tax fees .

  1. Electronic Guide Services :
  • The participation and reservation shall be done through electronic Guide system via the web site (
  • Each participant shall pay $ 90 as fees for electronic Guide service.
  • The participation countries and parties which reserve the entire area of the hall shall provide us with its design as well as names and spaces of each company, each participant in these halls is considered as independent participant in the electronic guide.
  • $500 shall be added to the above mentioned amount for those wishing to participate in the electronic guide services (silver subscription) where this subscription allows you to view all the participant details on electronic guide site.


The attached electronic guide brochure describes all the details concerning the electronic guide services and paragraphs and how to use it and get benefit of it .

  1. The reservation confirmation is done after paying participation fees according to electronic quide system.
  2. Minimum required space reservation is (9) sq.m indoor area and (20) sq.m outdoor area, in case of reducing, fees of (9) sq.m shall be settled for indoor area and (20) sq.m for outdoor area.
  3. The stand   includes (one information desk + two chairs +carpet + lighting).
  4. 8% of the rental space fees shall be charged as services fees (electricity-internet-cleaning-guarding) .
  5. The total amount of participation fees shall be paid upon confirmation of reservation to the State Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services through (Al- Rasheed Bank/ Baghdad International Fair Branch528) Account No.(10001) in a addition to Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Account No. (0002-001736-001), the participant is obliged to pay all bank transfer commissions and in case the participant exceeding the area fixed by the measurement committee , he shall pay the fees for the exceeding area .
  6. In case of participant’s withdrawal after confirming the reservation, the fees will be confiscated.
  7. Exhibits neither sold nor donated will be re-exported to the country of origin after export manifest is issued by Baghdad International Fair Customs Office.
  8. Exhibitor shall vacate rented stand , indoor / outdoor , removed all exhibits or damages and handed to the Technical Department, Otherwise,  exhibitor shall cover the cost of all damages resulting thereof , without need for a formal notice / legal proceedings, commencing from closing day of the fair, during (10) days except holidays, pay storage charges mentioned below, the fair's management shall not be held responsible for materials remain in stands during above specified period up to the end of temporary customs admission period (6 Months) . In case the participant is overdue in removal of exhibits for reasons out of control, the fair's management shall have the right to grant discounts on the storage fees after verification.  

               *  $ 3 per cubic meter daily ( covered warehouse ).


              *  $ 2 per cubic meter daily ( uncovered warehouse ).

                *  $ 1 per cubic meter daily for unfilled boxes.

In case the participant left the components of his own stand, one million Iraqi Dinars shall be settled to our Company after the end of the above mentioned period to vacate the stand.  


Plus transport charges from the stand up to the storage warehouse.

Participant might use a forklift belongs to the fair's management after $ 25 ton / hour is charged.

If the customs temporary period is terminated and the participant did not submit an application to extend the period, the fair's management shall have the right to confiscate exhibits.

  1. The fair's management shall deliver a site for the party wishing to reserve the hall showing the stand location for the reserved area and dimensions.
  2. The participant which reserves an entire area of the hall shall send back the stand design with two signed copies to the Interior Fairs Department. This shall be considered as confirmation of participation. The approval of Technical Department shall be obtained before implementation and the approved design shall be sent back to the participant.
  3. The fair's management keeps the right to assign the location according to the available space and types of exhibits.
  4. Exhibits admitted in the fairground for being displayed shall not be removed before the closing of the fair.
  5. Exhibits are not allowed to be removed after the closing of the fair unless participation and service fees are settled. The relevant quittance form shall be certified from the concerned departments of our company (financial – interior fairs – technical – auditing) and customs office.
  6. All films video – programs, pamphlets and any publications to be displayed at the fair shall be approved beforehand by the (Publications Control Directorate). Distribution of unrelated publications which have nothing to do with the fair and its objectives is prohibited and the earlier approval of the State Company for Iraqi Fairs and commercial services on all pamphlets and printed materials shall be obtained before distribution. Two samples of each should be submitted to our company to be approved and one copy shall be returned to the participant and the Public Relations Department in our company will implement that.
  7. The exhibitor or his authorized representative shall be present with the person in charge from the Interior Fairs Dept. during the exhibits custom inspection as soon as the goods arrive the fair ground.
  8. After the close of the fair, all exhibits shall be inspected by customs officials, who will take stock of the balance of exhibits against the original last recorded at the opening of the fair, the difference in stock shall be property accounted for a record sheet showing movement of stock (Sales, gifts, losses, etc…).
  9. All packing crates, consignment documents and invoices shall be addressed to (Baghdad International Fair) with the exhibitors full name and the duration of the fair.
  10. Exhibitor shall submit a list of exhibits for approval. The fair's management has the right to reject any displayed product that does not meet the rules and regulations. Only one sample of product is recommended to be exhibited. In case of admission of any exhibits from branch companies or agents, a letter including all exhibits details shall be addressed to the Commercial Section / Interior Fairs Dept. in order to obtain the gate pass. A quittance shall be obtained from the customs office and the departments of our company before clearing the exhibits.
  11. The deadline for exhibits admission to the Fair ground shall be two days prior to the opening day of the fair.
  12. The height of the standard stand partitions shall not exceed 2,5 m.
  13. It is not allowed to add nails, paint the stand components that belong to the fair's management, or cause damage to / or change floorings of the exhibiting halls. It is also not allowed to make any change or extension on electrical and water connections points. Exhibitor shall repair any damages caused to rented sites or pay repair expenses as estimated by the fair's management.
  14. Each participating country shall have the right to hold the National Day according to the time set in coordination with the fair's management (Public Relations Dept.).
  15. Exhibitors shall necessarily comply with safety and pending rules against all risks arising to all their stands assets (fire, losses, theft, damages or any other reasons) and exhibitor shall undertake to insure his stand and all objects thereon with one of the Iraqi insurance companies. Therefore, the fair's management shall not be responsible for any damages resulting.
  16. Each participant is responsible for guarding his stand during entrance and clearing to the hall and during the fair period and guarding the whole fair is guaranteed by the fair's management. In case of appointing guards, the approval of our company shall be obtained.
  17. Samples and gifts are subject to the (temporary custom admission regulations) and Admittance, clearance of exhibits shall be done in accordance with the valid customs regulations; otherwise a fine which is fixed by customs authorities will be charged.
  18. The fair's management is not bound to take into consideration any condition added by the exhibitor in his application form.
  19. Under force majeure, the fair's management keeps the right to cancel or postpone the opening date of the fair.
  20. Participant is not entitled to sub-let or hand over a stand or any part of it, neither for a charge or for free unless the fair's management approval is obtained.
  21. Fair's management prior approval shall be obtained before carrying out experiments or using exhibited equipment & machines.
  22. Participant shall immediately submit a detailed report to the fair's management concerning any accident that might happen to his exhibits or belongings, thereby to help taking necessary action on time.
  23. The companies that carry Israeli nationality or Israel originally registered companies are not allowed to participate.
  24. Vehicle / private cars shall not be allowed to enter the fair ground. All vehicles / private cars shall use the parking areas.
  25. The fair ground is a custom zone and the participant shall comply with the valid custom regulations.
  26. The food stuff exhibits will be checked out by the health authorities in the borders entries. These materials shall not be exhibited unless confirmation is given by the concerned authorities certifies that these materials are fit for human consumption.
  27. The Arabic language version of the terms of participation shall take precedence over any other version in the event of any difference in the interpretation as to their meaning. All parties are subject to the applicable Iraqi Law.
  28. In case participants desires to get entry visa to Iraq, a letter should be written to our company including the participant's name, his company's name and passport number with a colored copy of passport (30) days prior to the opening date of the fair to help the Public Relations Dept. in our company take the necessary actions
  29. The rental fee of the Grand (VIP) hall is $(1500) per day. The rental fees of the Ceremony Hall are $ (500) per day.
  30. Taking into consideration that no pledges will be accepted to postpone the settlement of participation fees.